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Parcel division stands as a critical task in land management, property development, and urban planning. While traditionally a time-consuming and intricate process, the advent of cutting-edge GIS technology together with SGIS Desktop, has introduced an enchanting solution: Automatic Multiple Land Parcels Subdivision!

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How To Calculate The Total Area Of A Polygon Layer?

SGIS offers a user-friendly and efficient method to calculate the total area of polygons, be it for selected features or an entire polygon layer.

How To Use the 'Snapping' Functions?

I bet you have heard about one feature that reigns supreme in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of spatial editing: snapping!

How to Merge Layers with SGIS Desktop?

At its core, merging layers in GIS involves the combination of multiple individual layers into a single, consolidated layer. 

Can Multiple Parcels of Land Be Split Automatically? SGIS Says Yes!

Measurement of length as a spatial analysis in GIS goes beyond basic distance calculations.

Converting KML to Shapefile might seem daunting at first, but with the right tools and a dash of confidence, you’ve got this.

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At the heart of GIS lies the crucial Vector Data Type. Now, you might recall the term “vector” from your math classes, where it represents a quantity with both magnitude and direction. In the context of GIS, a vector takes on a broader meaning.

What career opportunities abound for the adventurous, the spatially curious, and the tech-savvy? Is GIS the common denominator? If you dare to venture into the world of GIS, spatial intuition merges with innovation, you should explore these exciting career opportunities

We often say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a map? Could it be worth a few thousand or even a million?

Who are the masterminds behind the scenes, utilizing this powerful software?

If you’re curious about diving into the world of GIS but worried about the cost, worry not! Learning GIS online for free has never been easier.