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The development of SGIS resulted from the ever-lasting need for fast data processing, focused functions, and accurate and precise results. 

About Us

We take pride in being at the forefront of the GIS-tech industry, dedicating several years to building our technology from the ground up, for the purpose of GIS data creation and maintenance.

Our SGIS Desktop software represents a notable milestone, as the first commercially available GIS software to emerge from North Macedonia.

The development of SGIS resulted from the ever-lasting need for fast data processing, focused functions, and accurate and precise results. 

Our Mission

SGIS Software began in one home, helping massive projects dealing with processing cadastral and infrastructure data manipulation and management. Initially, those projects involved hours of hard work, losing data along the way, and mismatched information… That’s when SGIS was born! We built SGIS to help alleviate the process. We had the desire to help save time and have accurate results.  By sharing our SGIS with many government and worldwide organizations we discovered that many people faced or are still facing the same issues that we once had. This realization fueled our belief that we can now, make a difference and provide assistance!

Our Values


SGIS Desktop is all about integrating CAD functionalities within the expansive field of GIS, with a strong emphasis on accuracy and precision.

This combination ensures that users can seamlessly work with detailed geometric data loaded with attributes, performing all kinds of queries and selections by attribute values and geometry, while maintaining the high standards of exactness required for engineering, cadastral, and all kinds of infrastructure projects.

Also, we understand that certain tasks may be mundane and repetitive, but we strive to automate them, freeing up more of Your precious time to engage in activities You truly enjoy.

Our Goals

Balance work and fun!

We strongly believe that loving what you do is of paramount importance. Work should be enjoyable, and even the less exciting aspects should be tackled as a team, leveraging automation whenever possible. Our goal is to achieve a harmonious balance between work and fun, creating an environment where both thrive.

Never stop learning!

Keep learning new things because technology and data are ever-changing… Growth may be scary but is immensely rewarding! Both as individuals and as a company.


By being involved in our community, their wants and needs, we learn a bunch about them, as well as data. We always support our community by offering the right services and answers whenever we are needed.

We also offer:

Custom Software Development

Data Processing, Analysis and Insights

IT Support and Data Maintenance

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