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Automatic Parcel Division in SGIS

Is This The Secret To Seamless Land Subdivision???

automatic parcel division

Parcel division is a crucial task in land management, property development, and urban planning. The integration of advanced GIS technology, particularly SGIS Desktop, has introduced an effective solution: automatic parcel division.

Efficient and Precise Automated Polygon Division

Historically, manual calculations and delineation were time-consuming aspects of parcel division. However, SGIS’s advanced tools and algorithms have streamlined the process, allowing polygons to be divided automatically with speed and accuracy. This automation not only saves time but also enhances the precision of parcel division, benefiting land planners and surveyors.

Seamless Division of Multiple Polygons with SGIS

What sets SGIS apart is its ability to divide multiple polygons simultaneously. Whether dealing with expansive estates or intricate urban land parcels, SGIS handles numerous polygons effortlessly. This proficiency empowers users to efficiently process extensive datasets, making the management of larger land subdivisions more manageable.

Can a Parcel of Land Be Split Automatically? SGIS Says Yes!

How to Divide Parcels of Land – A Step-by-Step Exploration!

Allow me to introduce you to the “Divide Parcels by Layer” function.

The Divide Parcels By Layer function simplifies the process by dividing a polygon layer based on a designated condition layer, which can be either polyline or polygon. The resulting polygons are automatically organized into a new layer.

To execute the “Divide Parcels By Layer” procedure, a polygon layer to be divided and a condition layer must be defined. While the primary layer contains polygons slated for division, the condition layer, comprising multiple polyline or polygon features, guides the process. Importantly, the division process may involve situations where a polygon lies within another polygon.

divide polygon by layer

Fine-Tuning Division with Precision Settings

Found in the Settings section, users can tailor the following attributes:

  • Area Field: Defines the field within the attributes table for storing polygon areas.
  • Numeration Field: Specifies the attribute field for numeric titles or numbers of newly created polygons.
  • Polygon CM Field: Indicates the attribute field containing metadata, working in conjunction with the Numeration Field to establish polygon relationships within the layer.

The Mark Areas Less Than option allows the addition of a limit value for areas post-division. Selecting the Only Divided Parcels option results in a new layer housing only the polygons included in the division. Additionally, the Parcel Labels IN/OUT feature visually marks the participating and excluded parcels, enhancing clarity.

Executing the division involves clicking the “Divide Parcels” button, tracked by the Progress Bar. Post-division, the status bar offers insight into the process. Opting for the “LOG” option generates a LOG file, housing data for each divided polygon or parcel. SGIS presents the outcome in a new layer. Notably, this version of SGIS employs projected coordinates for this action.

In cases of duplicate parcels post-division, users can address this using the “Select Geometric Identical Elements” function in the Selection menu. Eliminate redundant parcels using the “Delete Elements” action. By turning on Labels, users can preview newly created parcels and their corresponding Parcel Numbers. Save this layer in supported SGIS file formats using the ‘Save As’ function.

Step into a new era of accuracy and efficiency as manual calculations become a thing of the past. Say hello to precision with the seamless division of multiple polygons at once. Effortlessly navigate complex subdivisions, empowering you to make informed decisions with unmatched speed. Dive into the realm of automated GIS tools and witness the transformation of your land planning process. Elevate your approach today and experience the game-changing power these tools offer.

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